Keep Your Guests Charged, Connected and Engaged

Today phones are our lifelines, so charged phones are a necessity. It's how we stay connected to each other, to friends and family.

Guest Anxiety Is Rising... Is Your Venue Ready To Respond?

Our dependency on mobile device "lifelines" has lead to a new anxiety known as Nomophobia, the fear of losing one's mobile device or having a dead battery (Urban Dictionary 2014).

  1. 66% of mobile phone users experience extreme anxiety over losing their
  2. mobile phone or running out of battery power (Wilson Electronics 2014 study).
  3. Over 50% of mobile phone users never switch off their phones (YouGov UK Survey).

Give Your Staff A Break

Decrease guest demand for provision of extra outlets or charging cables. increase staff productivity and eliminate any of the potential liability (theft or damage).

Increase traffic

Guests frequent venues where they know they can charge their phones safely. the mobile app wil steer people looking for a place to charge to your venue.

venue advantage charge my phone

Venue Advantage

You pride yourself on providing the best possible service and experience. Show that your venue is technology-forward and focused on guest experience.